Balance your chakras with the healing Solfeggio Frequencies- 432Hz. 

 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla 

 The following tones may be used: Crown 216, 432, or 864 A 3rd Eye 144, 288, or 576 D Throat 192, 384, or 768 G Heart 128,256, or 512 C Solar Plexus 182, 364, or 728 F# Sacral 303, 606, 1212 E flat Root 228, 456, or 912 B flat This audio uses the following frequencies: 

 1st tone is 128Hz Heart 

 2nd tone is 192Hz Throat 

 3rd tone is 288Hz Third Eye 

 4th tone is 432Hz Crown 

 5th tone is 144Hz Third Eye 

 6th tone is 384Hz Throat 

 7th tone is 256Hz Heart 

 8th tone is 182Hz Solar Plexus 

 9th tone is 303Hz Sacral 

 10th tone is 228Hz Root 

For best results: Sit in a comfortable position and play the video from start to finish. You may use this video to enchance meditation.