When waves and ripples are emitted, energy vibrating at a certain frequency will become waveform and sound. Only now we are discovering this extraordinary world through the lens of quantum observation. Likewise, water is an uncanny transformative storer of information, and as the human body is composed of some 90% of water, it is recording everything – our environment, our emotional state and our bio-rhythm. Thought and intent have a dramatic effect on what form of well-being we take – minute to minute. What we know, and what we thought we knew…

Sound Vibration Equals Form
Tiny particles of sand are subjected to vibrations being passed into the surface and they take form and arrange into various geometric forms. Some vibrations create known geometric patterns such as hexagons (honeycombs), sacred geometry, crosses, spirals, and many other intricate combinations. AMAZING patterns found on animals and insect wings are easily explained in this simple experiment. Sound and vibration give birth to form. In one particular vibratory sequence, opposite oscillations were resonated though the disk - the sand particles then condensed upon other, rolling into spheres, and then the smaller of the spheres began to revolve around the larger spheres. This is the portrait of OUR UNIVERSE...and our cellular and atomic structure!

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