1. Baker Lake Inuit territory in northern Canada
A man who identified himself as "Dr. Boylan," says the darkened area in this image is hiding 3 extraterrestrial beacons that were stolen from space and placed on earth.

2. Air base Ramstein, Germany
This NATO air base is the starting point for the forces of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". This may explain why the object is partially cut out of Google Maps.

3. Pacific Northwest, USA
This place is located near the border of the states of Washington and Oregon. Enthusiasts have personally inspected the place and found nothing remarkable, except for a sinister-looking fence and no marked entrance.

4. Oil Refinery, Szazhalombatta, Hungary
This is one of the most bizarre cases of censorship in Google Maps. The grounds and buildings are missing and the refinery was painted green.  

5. Palace Huis Ten, The Netherlands
The Royal Palace Huis Ten remains blurred on Google Maps when viewed from any angle. (However, the surrounding area and the trees can be seen with crystal clarity.)

6. Unknown area, Russia
No one knows what lies in this region. One theory is that there is a "radar or missile interception system". Some say that a picture was actually inserted in this area from another region of Russia.

7. Mobil Oil Corporation, Buffalo, New York, USA 
Some have criticized Mobil for blurring their facilities in Buffalo, saying they don't have much of a case for being a terrorist target. Usually when something is blurred out on google, they say its because its a potential terrorist target. We aren't sure what Mobil's reasoning is. 

8. Babylon, Iraq
While the surrounding area (including it's surprisingly rich farmland) is visible, the city of Babylon has been blurred out.

9. Airbase at Reims, France
The reasons that this air base is censored from Google Maps is unknown.

10. Indian Point Power Plant, New York, USA 
There have been many people who have called for the Indian Point Power Plant to be shut down. On top of its many environmental concerns the upstate New York structure is, (according to experts in the energy field) not strong enough to withstand an earthquake like the one that recently devastated Japan.

11. Volkel Air Base, Netherlands
WikiLeaks published diplomatic correspondence that confirms the presence of nuclear weapons on the territory of the base. Perhaps that's why it is blurred.

12. HAARP, Hakon, Alaska, USA
HAARP: This is one of the most controversial operations that is currently being conducted in the United States. At the Gakona, AK site it is believed by some that this place is used to manipulate the weather and is the cause for some of the hurricanes, floods, and even earthquakes.

13. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, California, USA
This is one of the most bizarre examples of censorship in Google Maps: Raceway Laguna Seca in Salinas, California is heavily whited out. The strange thing about this is the fact that it's just a seemingly harmless racetrack.

14. North Korea
You wont see North Korea on Google Maps. The entire country exists in images but without highway markers, street names, or any other identifying details. 

15. Tantauco National Park, Chile
For some reason, this reserve of endangered species was completely removed from Google Maps. Nobody can explain why.

16. Elmira Correctional Facility, USA
This is the highest level prison in upstate New York. After the Attica prison riots and other incidents of uprisings and mass escapes, officials may be worried that there might be a "helicopter breakout" attempt. 

17. Alexei Miller House, Russia
According to Wikipedia, this place is the private palace of Gazprom CEO, Alexei Miller. We are not sure why his home is blurred out. 

18. Colonel Sanders
This is the strangest fact of Google: Colonel Sanders, the person on Kentucky Fried Chicken, does not appear in a single shot of Google Street View. According to representatives of Google, Sanders was a real person, and the images of real people have to be blurred out on any pictures.

19. Faroe Islands, Denmark
It is believed that there are military installations in this area.

20. NATO headquarters, Portugal 
Whoever doctored the image of the Portuguese HQ for NATO simply copy-pasted another piece of Google Earth over the actual layout of the building.

21. Seabrook Nuclear Station, New Hampshire
This is believed to be the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station in the Northeast corner of the United States.

22. Missile silos, Spain
According to one researcher, "In this place there is a small building with something resembling a missile silo in the middle." What's strange is that this zone is not blocked in Yahoo Maps, but Google Maps still blurs it.


  1. What a terrible article. Almost 75% of those are easily seen via google maps. Talk about people reaching. This atrocity actually gets called journalism nowadays?

  2. #3 is no longer obscured and there is nothing weird looking on the map there either.

  3. North Korea is wrong, you can see the highways and landmarks of Pyongyang...

  4. wow! this is just mind blowing. bluntly lying. most of those areas are clearly visible on google map and google earth. this is sad. very sad. truth is just gone out the window and how is this society going to survive without reality. and why lie? just why? no f.ing reason

  5. Lies, lies and more lies. Freaking bastard.

  6. Looks like this article gave one of Google's top execs a few skid marks in his briefs, eh?

  7. Im curious if you can find more info on a region of NY. It's near the city in Rockland co.. If you look near Palisades, NY at the tip of NY between New Jersey and the Hudson River on the west side. It looks suspicious.

  8. u forgot the white house,, completely comp generated image,,,

  9. whats so difficult about a friggin name?
    google maps,
    paleis huis ten bosch....
    saying huis ten is like saying obama lives in the house

  10. This article might have been true at the time. I used to look around Google Earth for fun and would see lots of blank patches. And I know for a fact that NK was formerly blank but only recently did they add labels and roads, as well as many fascinating pictures.