Something amazing occurred a few days ago as over a million people in several different cities gathered in Brazil to protest the tyranny of their over-reaching government. Since this footage came out, people have had several different theories as to what this craft is... Is it a UFO, or could it be a drone? This footage has some very striking similarities to other footage of UFO craft I have seen. One thing is for sure, it is intelligent and makes some pretty impressive maneuvers for it to be shrugged off as it being some sort of weather balloon.. Whatever it is, this isn't the only aspect of this sighting I am thinking about.. Over the last few years, there have been MASS protests around the world that have had very minimal media coverage, or haven't even been televised at all. Brazil being no different. There is a massive paradigm shift going on right now on planet earth and I believe it has drawn the attention of our other-worldly neighbors. Whether this is footage of a drone or not, we are definitely not alone in the cosmos or here right now on planet earth. As some of you may have noticed, there is indeed a connection between the increased sightings of craft and other unknown phenomena and humanity 'waking up' to what is really going on.. We are beginning, as a species, to change the way we think about the universe and our place in it. These are very exciting times.

Thousands Witness UFO Over Protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Here is some more footage of another 'Ball of Light' Making a Crop Circle (For Comparison) Also featured in the new Disclosure film "SIRIUS"

What is Happening in Brazil?

"SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Political leaders here in Brazil’s largest city braced for yet another round of demonstrations on Tuesday night by an increasingly powerful movement that has grown from complaints about bus fares to a broad challenge to political corruption, lavish stadium projects (The world cup) at the expense of the people, and the cost of living and substandard public services." Read more: OTB

One million march across Brazil in biggest protests yet:

"An estimated 1 million people took to the streets in cities across Brazil on Thursday as the country's biggest protests in two decades intensified despite government concessions meant to quell the demonstrations." -RT

The impressive numbers we are seeing turn out in Brazil and the recent Turkish revolution is just another testament to the fact that humanity is waking up at an incredible rate, and has had enough with tyrannical governments over stepping their boundaries... Whether we get the added bonus of capturing more proof of ufo's or not, the Brazilian revolution surely is impressive in itself. Hopefully we will start seeing more countries around the world start to notice and maybe take a few pointers from our friends in Brazil and in Turkey. Here is a short clip of the massive numbers that gathered in Rio de Janeiro just a few days ago.