Prior to the late 1800′s, education was a private practice that took place in private institutions or through home schooling. That all changed in 1902 when John D Rockefeller created the general education board in conjunction with Frederick T Gates. Frederick T gates was a close friend, business, and personal adviser to Rockefeller.

From the day we are born, we are taught what our parents are taught, and often what their parents taught them. From a young age, we are put into this institution and told how the world works and what we need to do to survive in it. It’s time to let go of these limiting structures, and realize our infinite potential to create something that resonates with us all. This isn’t real education, it’s brainwashing.

"Far from failing in its intended task, our educational system is in fact succeeding magnificently, because its aim is to keep the people thoughtless enough to go on supporting the system." -Richard Mitchell 
"I want a nation of workers, not thinkers." – John D Rockefeller 
"I never let my education interfere with my learning." – Albert Einstein 

Source: CollectiveEvolution 


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