Zen master Alan Watts teaches meditation and how to control the mind in the following video. 

A lot of the time, people have this strange misconception of what meditation actually is.  They make it out to be some "super" ability that is beyond them and that it is a skill that can only be attained by "spiritually advanced" people or something of the sort.. Meditation is simply the act of being in the present moment, here and now. The dissolution of thoughts and the awareness of everything happening inside of you and around you, knowing without thinking. You don't even have to be "sitting" in meditation to be in a meditative state. It is the act of living, not in the past, nor the future, and the key to it all is not trying. There's a lot going on right now, are you paying attention to it? 

(2.24) "Is that's like desiring not to desire, or loving out of a sense of duty, trying to be spontaneous because you ought to be. See. All that is nonsense, lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps. So when you see that that's nonsense, there naturally comes over you a quietness."

(8.24) "This is therefore to, that the transformation of human consciousness through meditation is frustrated so long as we think in terms of something that I myself can bring about. By some kind of wangle, by some sort of gimmick  Because, you see, that leads to endless games of spiritual one-up-man-ship and of guru competitions. Of 'my guru is more affective that your guru, my yogas are faster than your yoga, I'm more aware of myself than you are, I'm humbler than you are, I'm sorrier for my sins than you are, I love you more than you love me.' That is interminable goings on about which ppl fight and wonder wether they are little more involved than somebody else and so on. All that can just fall away." 


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