Community organisations and locals blocked off roads late on Wednesday in a new manifestation against the establishment of a Monsanto seed plant in the city of Malvinas Argentinas.

Earlier this month, a court in C√≥rdoba province ruled that the agricultural giant could continue with the construction of the controversial plant in Malvinas Argentinas. Building had been temporarily suspended by the company due to continued protests taking place outside the plant.

In fresh demonstrations yesterday, groups of individuals blocked off portions of the A88 route in Malvinas Argentinas in front of the contested plant. In another area, around 50 people blocked off Route 9 and dozens others on Route 36.

Protesters are also demanding greater environmental protection policies. Earlier in the day, demonstrators stood in front of the provincial Ministry of Water, Environment, and Energy to demand answers from local government on alleged malpractice.

An official report was presented yesterday for alleged abuse of authority by Federico Bocco, provincial environment secretary. The complaint was brought forth by Raul Montenegro and has been passed onto the anti-corruption fiscal department for further investigation. Montenegro is the president of the Foundation in Defence of the Environment and he is accusing Bocco of irregularities in the selection process of commission members that evaluated the Monsanto plant project. Simultaneously, legislators from the Frente para la Victoria (FpV) political party asked for clarifications on the Monsanto situation to Bocco.

Due to the investigation, residents of Malvinas Argentinas asked the Ministry to annul Monsanto’s authorisation to begin construction works.

Protesters have blocked off certain routes between Malvinas Argentinas, Candonga, Barrio Inaudi, and Juarez Celman.

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